Mobile App Prototype Website

This project was built to market and support my research, proposal and prototype for my App Prototype project. I used Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS to design the website. The final prototype was designed using and features UX/UI design. The app demo video was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition.

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App Prototype Research

For this project I conducted research for a theoretical app for my Digital Media Innovation Capstone course for a solution to a problem. I created the app design idea for the slides using Canva. I created the logo for the prototype using Adobe Illustrator.

Interactive Quiz

This Buzzfeed-like interactive quiz was created using Javascript. The sites layout and design was created using Bootstrap, HTML and CSS. The form takes input from the user and provides information that changes the DOM.

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Bootstrap Data Project

For this project I had to tell a complete story using data. The site was designed using Bootstrap and multimedia elements. The charts and maps were created to provide the users a way to interact with data by manipulating the DOM using a drop down menus, JavaScript and JSON.

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Blog Sites

I created the Adventures of a Waterloo Unicorn blog for my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media course. I chose to create a blog about everything Austin, TX (lifestyle, restaurants, bars, music) because I am a true “Unicorn” Austinite and love everything about the city.

The Multimedia Journalism blog was created for my Multimedia Journalism course. It features tips and trick for written journalism, audio journalism, video journalism, digital visualizations, photography, live tweeting; and other multimedia elements using Adobe Creative Suites, and Canva.

Adventures of a Waterloo Unicorn
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Multimedia Journalism
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Video Recordings and Editing

The From a fellow Austinite video is an interview style journalistic video project for my FDOM course. The video was shot using an iPhone 6s and a tripod and edited using iMovie.

The Practice Video Assignment was a video editing assignment for my Multimedia Journalism course. The video was shot using an iPhone 6s and a tripod and edited using Adobe Premier Pro. Audio was edited using Adobe Audition and added to the video using Adobe Premier Pro.

Client Work & Graphics

I created and designed these graphics as side projects. All graphics were designed using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Canva.

Client Work:

  • TNT Cleaning Company business cards
  • Child portrait and dog portrait
  • Therapeutic Vibes Logo and labels design
  • Hazel Beauty Inc copywriting for product label and label design consultation


These infographics were created using Canva. The Twitter Analytics infographic information was gather from my personal Twitter. The other two infographics were designed and featured in my multimedia journalism article.

Social Media Analytic Reports

These analytics reports were created for The PACE Center at Texas State University as a client of my Advanced Social Media and Analytics course. Information for the reports were gathered using social media analytics. The reports were made using Canva.

Multimedia Reporting Project

I designed this project for my Web Design and Publishing course. This multimedia site was designed using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and photos.

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WordPress Project

WordPress customization site created for my Web Design and Publishing course. The site was built for a client’s business and customized using CSS and photographs provided by the client.

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YouTube Script

I put together a YouTube script for my Writing for Electronic Media class describing how to DIY and personalize an inexpensive picture frame. The script is informative, easy to follow for video translation, provides detailed step by step instructions, and features a call to action.

Single Voice Commercial

This 30 second single voice commercial was written for my Writing for Electronic Media class. The script was created to fit HelloFresh’s commercial style and can be used as a voice over for a TV commercial or as a radio commercial. The commercial catches the listener’s attention, creates a desire for the product, and incites the listener to take action.


I created these storyboard ads for Writing for Election Media class. The storyboards feature eight scenes for Function of Beauty and Shutterfly with different camera shots and a description of what to expect in each scene.

Function of Beauty

  • Target Audience: Middle to upper class women age 24-45 who desire healthy hair
  • Scenario: The woman featured is tired of her hair not looking and feeling its best after using drug store products
  • Viewer Benefit: The customer receives a personalized hair care regimen in order to meet their hair care goals


  • Target Audience: Women 18-49 who enjoy capturing memories with photographs, scrapbooking and creating photo albums
  • Scenario: A series of important events women typically encounter throughout their lifetime that would entice them to want to capture and remember those moments
  • Viewer Benefit: The customer can quickly and easily capture life’s important moments and personalize those moments by printing the photos on invitations, scrapbooks, or have them framed with Shutterfly


This 25 second PSA was written for my Writing for Electronic Media class. It was written based on information gathered from a non-profit company, We Are Blood. The PSA was written for radio and promotes a cause, raises awareness, educated the public, and grabs the audiences attention and features a call to action.